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If you have a solution or are interested in tackling the wicked problem of plastic pollution in Vietnam, join us for the Plastics Innovation Hub Vietnam Capability Uplift Program, a series of workshops and fireside chats where we will explore how to build business models for impact, apply systems thinking, and learn about the options, trends, and pitfalls of early-stage funding.

What teams will get out of this program?

The Plastics Innovation Hub Vietnam – Capability Uplift Program, is a four-week program with a series of virtual workshops and fireside chats.

In these fun and energetic sessions you will learn

  • About the specific challenges and opportunities plastics pollution create
  • Genuine insights into the reality and mindset required to be an entrepreneur
  • About specific business definitions, challenges, opportunities, and frameworks
  • How to identify and fence in problems as well as explore different types of motivations and theories and change
  • The basics and tools associated with systems thinking, such as how to create a stakeholder map
  • Critical financial information around investment cycles, alternative financing, and the importance of developing a strong financial plan.

You will also have access to a breadth of inspiring guest speakers, experienced mentors and educators, specially curated content and resources, as well as an invaluable new peer network to support on your journey.

Who can participate?

This free program is designed for people with a broad range of skills and backgrounds and takes a specific focus around entrepreneurship, innovation, and the plastics problem. It is for those who:

  • Want to contribute to innovative solutions that tackle plastic waste and translate into real-world outcomes across the region
  • Already have a great idea that contributes to an improved relationship with plastics and a better world
  • Are an entrepreneur keen to capture the unlimited potential of solving the plastic problem
  • Are curious and want to learn more about the foundational skills and thinking required to understand and work in the fast-emerging sustainable economy
  • Intend to apply for our selective four-week Innovation Program!

Remember, no experience is necessary, you can register for one, multiple of all events as part of the Program and start your journey with the Plastics Innovation Hub Vietnam Hub

Time commitment

This program runs over a period of 4 weeks, between the 13 September and 7 October 2022. It is compromised up of three, energising 60-minute information sessions and three, engaging 90-minute workshops, making a total of 7.5 hours engagement.

Whilst participants are welcome to pick and choose which events they attend; we encourage you to sign up for all our activities as a Certificate of Completion will be awarded to those who attend all six events.

You can see the full description of all the workshops here

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Tuesday 13 September 2022 | 09:00am to 10:00am ICT | 12:00pm to 1:00pm AEST

A kick off to the plastics innovation hub, where we will share information about the future of the hub, the 4 week program, the educational workshops and future plans.

We will be featuring talks from representatives at CSIRO, MOST and VASI, we look forward to exploring the plastic problem from diverse angles.

Friday 16 September 2022 | 09:00am to 10:00am ICT | 12:00pm to 1:00pm AEST

A fireside style chat with two social entrepreneurs, who will share the ups and downs of starting your own business within the current political, and social environment.

Participants will walk away with insights into the reality and mindset required to be an entrepreneur.

Wednesday 21 September 2022 | 09:00 am to 10:30 am ICT | 12:00pm to 1:30pm AEST

Social, impact, blended, sustainable, alternative-… Entrepreneurship

What is the difference between traditional entrepreneurship and all the other options?

How can I use business as a tool for change?

Come listen to our informative session where we will cover:

  • Definitions of business
  • Challenges and opportunities for a new kind of business
  • Aligning with international frameworks for success (Sustainable Development Goals)
  • Values and business

Tuesday 27 September 2022 | 09:00am to 10:30am ICT | 12:00pm to 1:30pm AEST

Solving wicked problems is a noble pursuit, but understanding how to identify and focus on the right problem can be a challenge

In this interactive small bite, you will learn about:

  • Identifying a problem worth pursuing
  • Fencing a problem
  • Different types of motivation and theories of change
  • The importance of alignment with values.

Thursday 6 October 2022 | 09:00am to 10:30am ICT  | 12:00pm to 1:30pm AEST

Solving wicked problems can be a momentous challenge. Being able to understand the basics of what systems thinking is and how it relates to the problem you want to tackle will help in creating a better solution.

This workshop will dive into the basics of systems thinking and their relationship to wicked problems.

In this fast and furious session, you will learn about the:

  • basics of systems thinking
  • tools of a system thinker
  • to create a stakeholder map

Friday 7 October 2022 | 09:00am to 10:00am ICT | 12:00pm to 1:00pm AEST

In this panel discussion, we will review the different options, trends and pitfalls for funding.

Participants will walk away with a deeper understanding of investment cycles, alternative financing and the importance of developing a strong financial plan.

Join us for a discussion with our guest speakers Ms Trang Huynh and Mr Jason Lusk.

image of Ms Trang Huynh and Mr Jason Lusk

Trang Huynh – Investment Associate at Earth VC

An economist, data enthusiast, and innovator
Trang was fascinated with Economics and Technology. She has worked as Project Owner in San Francisco and Labor Analyst at VCCI (Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry). With her background in data science, she is interested in AI, ML, IoT, and Robotics solutions for climate change. She understands the capacity of these technologies and would like to see more real-life applications in tackling climate issues.
Trang holds a Bachelor’s in Economics with a focus on policy development and data science at the heart of technology, San Francisco.

Jason Lusk – Managing Partner at Clickable Impact

Jason is the Managing Partner and founder of Clickable Impact, an interdisciplinary consulting group that serves aid and development clients, through commercial and digital savvy services. Clickable is adaptable to work across a range of themes and has subject matter expertise on climate, private sector development, and sustainable tourism. Jason also worked for the Asian Development Bank (ADB), supporting startup technologies that contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals. He supported the establishment of the ADB Ventures facility a dedicated investment platform making equity investments in early-stage companies.

Jason holds a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service in International Politics from Georgetown University and a Bachelor in South Asian Politics, Economics and Religion from SOAS University of London.