Indo-Pacific Plastics Innovation Network

Join IPPIN and experts from across research, industry and government to promote cutting-edge solutions to end plastic waste.

Fish swim through plastic in the ocean.

New science has taken a deep dive into plastic waste, providing the first estimate of how much ends up on […]

man on a boat sailing down the Mekong.

Each year enough fishing line to circle the Earth 18 times is lost in our oceans. This is joined by […]

An international team of researchers has provided the first ever quantification of products from global plastic producers in the environment.

CSIRO report on standards to accelerate the circular economy transition in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) region.

This program is for researchers, start-ups and SME’s looking to understand the potential of their project or idea. It is designed to help teams with customer discovery and market validation of plastic waste solutions, with support from mentors and advisors to improve communication skills, challenge assumptions and take research projects to the next level.

Read Monash University's article about how Monash University, CSIRO, Universitas Indonesia and Universitas Padjadjaran have collaborated together to tackle waste […]

An environmentally-friendly, sprayable biodegradable polymer membrane product has been created.

The Ocean Cleanup VN addresses the widespread issue of plastic pollution in oceans, caused by millions of tons of plastic […]

SFC is an innovative project that aims to utilise rice straw, an agricultural waste product, to develop a biodegradable UV […]