Thailand faces significant challenges related to plastic waste pollution, both on land and in water bodies. Investing in plastic innovation can help develop sustainable alternatives to traditional plastic products and implementing effective waste management solutions.

Thailand offers opportunities for science, innovation and technology to leverage collective expertise and resources to accelerate the development and adoption of sustainable plastic solutions. That is why, with the help of our partners, IPPIN is empowering participants to develop innovative plastic alternatives, recycling technologies and open up new markets to end plastic waste.

Thailand IPPIN alumni, Wake Up Waste

How the Chapter works  

The Thailand Plastic Innovation Chapter works in partnership with: 

The Chapter addresses a key gap in the innovation ecosystem by focusing on design and delivery of deep-tech solutions in emerging or under-resourced domains.  

The Chapter works in partnership with a diverse range of stakeholders in areas ranging from technology, behaviour change, business model innovation, regulation, policy, and social license. 

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