Innovation Teams

The Ocean Cleanup VN addresses the widespread issue of plastic pollution in oceans, caused by millions of tons of plastic […]

SFC is an innovative project that aims to utilise rice straw, an agricultural waste product, to develop a biodegradable UV […]

The team focuses on a novel 3D printing-based manufacturing technology and a zero-waste design approach to upcycle thermoplastics into unique […]

GREEn addresses the environmental impact of tourism. By implementing a Deposit-Refund Model, GREEn incentivises tourists to use reusable products, reduce […]

EGIT is a pioneering company addressing the escalating problem of plastic pollution in Vietnam caused by non-biodegradable takeaway food packaging. […]

Circular Seed is addressing Vietnam's pressing issue of plastic waste management as the country moves towards a ban on single-use […]

Beat The Sachet is an initiative aimed at combating ocean microplastics caused by single-use plastic sachets. The project promotes refill […]

STREAM is an innovative platform dedicated to combating plastic pollution. By offering a comprehensive database of plastic waste hotspots and […]

RiverRecycle Oy is an innovative company that addresses the issue of ocean plastic pollution, by revolutionising the plastic waste management […]

Revolusi is a startup focused on providing reusable containers for food delivery, along with a reverse logistics system for collecting […]